Why Spotlight?

Deploy Spotlight at your institution or organization and you can offer a self-service approach for creating exhibit websites that highlight your digital collections. Your curators can build highly-customized exhibits, tailored to their collections, with easy-to-use site configuration and page-building options. And because Spotlight is based on Blacklight, your exhibits offer end-users robust searching, browsing, and object display capabilities.

Open Source

Participate in development on GitHub. Submit issues, changes, or suggestions, and help shape the growth of Spotlight.

Growing Community

Spotlight is an extension to Blacklight, an open-source discovery platform with an established, active community.


Spotlight provides a framework that makes it easy to develop widgets, enabling new types of content your curators can add to exhibit pages.

Getting Started

Interested? Here are some ways to get started.

GitHub Repo

The latest Spotlight source code is available on GitHub, along with release notes and a Readme to get you going.


More complete documentation is available in the GitHub wiki pages. Configuration details, case studies, demo links, and documentation for your curators.

Demo Videos

The best way to understand many of Spotlight's features is to see them in action. Longer overview videos and shorter feature-specific videos are available.

Mailing List

The best place to ask questions about Spotlight is the Blacklight mailing list, where an active community is usually quick to provide answers.